About Us

Plese note that our COLOUR ME ORGANIC, 100% NATURAL, 100% ORGANIC HENNA and 100% ORGANIC INDIGO is a WINNER AWARD 2016 !


NATRA was established in 2006 with a mission to promote complete body decoration in the international market.

NATRA is a multinational company of international repute, with national headquarter and 100% export unit in Holland and a distribution warehouse in Holland.

Our goal is to provide BEST quality goods to all of our clients. Hence, we have a highly qualified team of professionals, all trained and highly skilled, whose continuous endeavor is to deliver quality goods on time.

So, we supply all of our products WORLDWIDE.

NATRA's mission is to help people, across the world, reveal their inherent beauty.

Business Policy:
NATRA aspires of achieving long term business relationships with its clients, based on strong corporate ethics. Our philosophy encourages us to maintain high quality and strict delivery schedule so as to successfully cater to the clients' requirements.

NATRA has made an enormous growth in a very little time. Our constant efforts and the quality of products are appreciated across the world.


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